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About this website
Genre of my art and stories
About me
Why I made this website



About this website


Ugo Dot Monster is Ugo’s personal website for publish my stories and art.
I made this website in July 2019.

Read my stories → STORY
See my gallery → GALLERY ( GALLERY 2 is for fanart and old art)


I use this website as an activity base.
To promote myself, I’m posting my art to social media.

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For see my latest art, check my Twitter.
Usually I post on Twitter first when I posting new art.


To check my art all at once, you can use this site’s GALLERY.
Almost all of my art posted on social media will be gathered in there.

At pixivFANBOX, I’ve been posting limited contents, which is only on FANBOX.
There are some Free Post too, so please check it out.

About the blog.
Mostly I write about my art which I posted.



Genre of my art and stories



I’m focused on human or extraterrestrial species, because I like societary sci-fi. Something like “mirror that reflects humanity”.
I’m trying to adding gay/queer elements in there. And dying (^ω^) it’s not eAsY

Basically I draw male.
I want to see something like men’s daily life in space. But I don’t have much interest in make NSFW contents. So I make something little bit sexy but not NSFW.

Sometimes I’m super ill and thinking about destroy myself but I always want to make things I want to see, which is least existence in this world. gah




About me


Name: Ugo (烏合) you can pronounce it like woo-go
Birth place: Tokyo, Japan.

Software I’m using: CLIP STUDIO PAINT、Krita

I have a cat allergy but I always sniffing cats.



Why I made this website


Reason is I want to live as an artist. That’s sounds silly to me even now but the truth.
F’ing cheap story but I like to draw or create something since I was little, and I run a website using free service when I was a teenager too but these were always just a hobby.
I always thought about to be active as a creator someday, but I realised that someday never come.
Then I thinking in earnest but I couldn’t find any right way, so I think “Maybe I’ll do it seriously if I paid money to run my website.” So I did it.

For now, it’s like I bought a ship then leave a port without any navigation skill, but I have to reach somewhere because I’m already in the middle of the ocean.
I’m doing fine like that just before of death. YAY

I’m not okay but my life is way better than before. Rather than waiting something happen.
I used to feels like I can’t die like this but I can die now! WOW! (don’t)

Last but not least, I’m happy if you feel something from my art (or story).
If you feel depressed, do whatever you want to do. Only one thing prohibited is harm other people, and living thing. Except it, you can do anything.

Thank you for reading this. Check my activity (or vital sign) if you curious!
Stay safe and healthy, humans.